Pricing of secondhand and vintage goods

Factors that contribute to the cost of the item consists of base cost, currency conversion, shipping and handling if sourced globally.

Items with a maker’s mark, origin and year of production are usually priced higher — this ties in with the rarity of the item as many of these makes are either now defunct, or with particular designs discontinued. 


I try to provide as much information on the items as I can, but I encourage buyer discretion.


Unfortunately not everything I source makes it to the site. This is a risk having breakables shipped in. If the piece is repairable, I fix it. However if it’s shattered to bits, it’s beyond saving. What you’re paying for is also my assurance that the items for sale are in their accurate stated conditions, and will arrive to you in the same way.


Packing takes an average of 15–20 minutes per box. Paper stuffings, tape, bubble wrap, styrofoam peanuts, box. While I actively try to be as sustainable as possible with packing materials, my priority is to get the items to you without damage. Fourth Orbit is a partner of @thesustainabilityproject_ whom I currently purchase some of my used boxes and wrappings from!

The works

Fourth Orbit is currently a one-woman-party! Curator, buyer, cleaner, designer, stylist, photographer, copywriter, social media manager, customer support and packer all-in-one. I clean all items with alcohol and sanitizer before listing them. Some of these items arrive in filthy conditions and some things take longer to clean especially when removing stubborn stains.